Groovify CUBA - An overview of Groovy

Developing an application in CUBA is mostly about productivity. It has other advantages, but productivity is probably one of the most important reasons. To ramp up productivity on all stages of CUBA app development, we can invite Groovy to the party.

Put your island into a box - how to dockerize your CUBA app

Since docker is really omnipresent in the last few month for very good reasons i want to pick this up for this blog post. I will show how to dockerize a CUBA app and run it as a container together with the corresponding database. If you are not familiar with the basics of Docker, i additionally will scratch the surface of this technologie a little bit for you.

GOTO Berlin 2015 recap

I want to make a little stopover on my road to CUBA in Berlin. On the beginning of december i had the chance to attend to GOTO Berlin 2015 and i just wanted to recap my thoughts on the conference. So if you’re interessted because you were not able to attend and fly over to berlin, here’s a summary.

CUBA's REST API - If only Roy would knew about it

Going further on the feature overview of CUBA Platforms capabilities, i’ll will go through the next topic, which is quite important these days: APIs. CUBA has a build-in feature, called REST API. We’ll have a look at what this means and how to interact with it. After this overview, we’ll have a look about what alternatives we have, if this generic API is not suitable for our needs.

CUBA filters - the fast food of business software?

Last time, i wrote about the generic filter possibilities that CUBA provides out of the box. I left off with two requirements as a developer, that are necessary to be confident that the generic solution does not fall down with real world problems.