Lessons from creating a CUBA addon

This blog post we will walk through the process of creating an application component for CUBA. It is based on the recently released default-values addon, that provides the ability to configure default values for entity attributes at runtime.

You will learn something about the default-values internal implementation as well as some internals of the CUBA framework.

Don't squash your business logic

In this blog post let’s try to understand where business logic in a CUBA app can and should go - and why you shouldn’t squash it. But wait: What is actually business logic? And does it at all have something to do with CUBA?

CUBA 7 Release Party

In this blog post let’s celebrate the long awaited big major release 7.0 of CUBA which brings great polished APIs and updates of the underlying libraries.

Concurrent Usage prevention with Locks

In this blog post we will go over an example that deals with preventing concurrent usage of particular resources like entities through the different CUBA mechanisms of locking.

CUBA on Kubernetes - Part 2

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard when it comes to doing container scheduling. Since it is so omnipresent these days, let’s have a look on how to deploy a CUBA application into a Kubernetes cluster. In the second part, we will continue with deploying the application to the existing Kubernetes infrastructure.