GOTO Berlin 2015 recap

I want to make a little stopover on my road to CUBA in Berlin. On the beginning of december i had the chance to attend to GOTO Berlin 2015 and i just wanted to recap my thoughts on the conference. So if you’re interessted because you were not able to attend and fly over to berlin, here’s a summary.

CUBA's REST API - If only Roy would knew about it

Going further on the feature overview of CUBA Platforms capabilities, i’ll will go through the next topic, which is quite important these days: APIs. CUBA has a build-in feature, called REST API. We’ll have a look at what this means and how to interact with it. After this overview, we’ll have a look about what alternatives we have, if this generic API is not suitable for our needs.

CUBA filters - the fast food of business software?

Last time, i wrote about the generic filter possibilities that CUBA provides out of the box. I left off with two requirements as a developer, that are necessary to be confident that the generic solution does not fall down with real world problems.

The generic filter in cuba platform – excel filters on steroids

As was promised last time, I’m going to run through some features of the platform, which I think are very valuable. I’m going to write a series of sub-articles here, starting with the elementary aspects, such as UI, filtering, security for some advanced parts like web portal, extensibility, audit, dynamic attributes and so on.

My personal CRUD story – or how i came to CUBA platform

In this blog post i’d like to lay out how i came to the CUBA platform and what the benefits of this tool are. I’ll dig a little into the different phases on my young “business application development” history, just to give you a little context. So let’s start with how i came to the typical CRUD applications to help non-tech people to be a little more productive.