JavaOne 2017 Recap

In the first week of October 2017 I got a chance to join the CUBA Platform team and participate in the JavaOne conference, taking place in San Francisco. In this blog post I’ll make a little recap of what I have learned during these days.

Continuous delivery with Gitlab and Rancher

Part 3 - CD deployment from Gitlab to Rancher

The third and last part of this series will combine all the already configured parts. After manually deploying the example application to rancher, we will use the Gitlab CD pipeline to do the job automatically for us.

Continuous delivery with Gitlab and Rancher

Part 2 - CI Pipeline and installing Rancher

The second part of this series is about setting up a CI pipeline from build to Docker image of the application as well as installing and cofiguring Rancher on Digitalocean through docker-machine.

Continuous delivery with Gitlab and Rancher

Part 1 - Overview and installing Gitlab

In this blog post series I would like to show how to create a self-hosted continuous delivery pipeline with Gitlab and Rancher. We’ll take an example application and create a complete CD pipeline to cover the workflow from idea to production.

Grails vs CUBA

Round 3 - Testing, plugin architecture and ecosystem

In the last part of the Grails vs. CUBA series, it is all about the remaining parts like Testing as well as the ecosystem. After covering the last parts of the comparison there will be a summary.