Testing of CUBA applications

Part 2 - Testing of CUBA Entites

In the second part of the Testing article series, we’ll look at the CUBA side of things. We will go through different artifacts of the platform and check how we can test these artifacts. In this blog post we will start with Entities and encounter Mocking as we go through the different examples.

Testing of CUBA applications

Part 1 - Introduction to Test automation

One of the main parts of today’s application development that is not very prominent in CUBA applications is automated testing. This is the reason we’ll take a deep look into this topic in this blog post.

How to deal with reference data

Reference or master data is an important topic for every application. Let’s have a look at the build-in options we have for creating these kinds of data when working with a CUBA application. Additionally: what possibilities do we have to extend this features to our own needs?

Decompose the monolith with CUBA application components

In the latest release 6.3 of the CUBA platform there are a few interesting new features coming up. One of the most interesting ones is the feature of application components. In this article we will try to understand the use cases for them and make an example of how to use them.

Test and seed data in CUBA applications

One thing that is a kind of an evergreen in application development is the question about how to inject seed and / or test data into the system. In this blog post, we will have a look on how this topic is covered in CUBA-land and what we can possibly do to extend the functionality.