Custom front-ends for your CUBA app

In this blog post i want to show you how you can create really custom front-ends for your CUBA based application. If you want to have customer facing UI as part of your software, here’s how you can create them.

CUBA goes open source with a handful of features

Since the latest release from CUBA - Version 6.1 has a fair amout of features and due to the fact that this version of CUBA is the first open source release, here’s a quick overview of what has changed.

Platform on Platform - CUBA apps on Cloud Foundry

In this blog post I will continue surfing the clouds and will have a look at the operations side of things. It’s about running the CUBA Platform on the Platform as a Service that gains much momentum these days: Cloud Foundry.

Deep Links for Resources

Here’s a thing I stumbled upon lately in the CUBA Platform docs, that seems not to be very common but nevertheless very valuable: Deep Links to resources.

CUBA Security Subsystem Distilled

Resuming my blog post series about an overview on the CUBA Platform features, i will go through the possibilities of the so called “Security subsystem”. This time with a particular theme from a well known TV series. I hope you enjoy it.