Platform on Platform - CUBA apps on Cloud Foundry

In this blog post I will continue surfing the clouds and will have a look at the operations side of things. It’s about running the CUBA Platform on the Platform as a Service that gains much momentum these days: Cloud Foundry.

Deep Links for Resources

Here’s a thing I stumbled upon lately in the CUBA Platform docs, that seems not to be very common but nevertheless very valuable: Deep Links to resources.

CUBA Security Subsystem Distilled

Resuming my blog post series about an overview on the CUBA Platform features, i will go through the possibilities of the so called “Security subsystem”. This time with a particular theme from a well known TV series. I hope you enjoy it.

Groovify CUBA - Integrate Groovy with CUBA

After introducing Groovy in the first blog post, this second blog post is all about groovify your CUBA app. There are different integration possibilities that we will look through like CUBA Studio Groovy integration and Testing with Spock.

Groovify CUBA - An overview of Groovy

Developing an application in CUBA is mostly about productivity. It has other advantages, but productivity is probably one of the most important reasons. To ramp up productivity on all stages of CUBA app development, we can invite Groovy to the party.